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Lion Forge Labs is the Creative Services branch of Lion Forge Comics, a graphic novel publishing company based in St. Louis, Mo. Lion Forge Labs works with nonprofits and commercial companies to use comics, animation, etc. as a medium to effectively communicate complex messaging to consumers, clients and employees. Lion Forge has enlisted Xceede Solutions to assist with the implementation of Salesforce® Sales Cloud®, the leading cloud-based CRM in order to better manage its client relationships, sales processes and opportunities for its Lab branch.

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How We Helped


Xceede Solutions implemented the Salesforce® Sales Cloud® with the appropriate tools to manage Lion Forge Labs pipeline. Lion Forge Labs was able to make more insightful sales decisions and accelerated productivity and efficiency throughout the sales process which ultimately resulted in Lion Forge’s ability to close more deals therefore increasing the company’s revenue.

Industry Best Practices

Xceede Solutions brought its knowledge of industry best practices to Lion Forge Labs so they could better manage their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and streamline their Sales Process. Xceede Solutions worked with Lion Forge Labs to implement

  • Sales Process
  • Account Segmentation
  • Sales Incentives Plan Management
  • Pipeline Management and Analytics

Xceede Solutions enabled Lion Forge Labs to reach their full potential which ultimately resulted in their ability to close more deals therefore increasing the company’s revenue.

Salesforce® Consulting

Xceede Solutions has developed a high level understanding of the business’s challenges in regards to managing their sales process.  Xceede Solutions was able to customize Salesforce® to support their business processes and also to integrate Salesforce® with third party apps (such as MailChimp). The goal of implementing the Salesforce® Sales Cloud® is to provide Lion Forge Labs with the appropriate tools to manage their pipeline by making more insightful sales decisions and accelerating productivity and efficiencies throughout the sales process.

Key features enabled:

  • Account & Contact Record Types
  • Web-To-Lead
  • Duplicate Management
  • Lightning Processes
  • Automated Emails

Xceede has been instrumental in helping our sales team implement Salesforce®. We continue to experience success with Salesforce® and highly recommend Xceede Solutions to anyone wanting to improve their sales organization and build stronger relationships with their customers.

David Steward IICEO, Lion Forge

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