DC Special Education Cooperative

The DC Special Education Cooperative or the “Co-op” fills a unique community need in DC by working with teachers, school leaders, and across charter schools to improve educational services for students with disabilities.  By pooling resources between independent charter schools, the Co-op also acts as a “central office” for DCPCS spread throughout the city serving a diverse range of students.

The Co-op is a membership based nonprofit with a lean, highly dedicated, and knowledgeable staff make up. Its goals were to streamline its membership operations, maximize the use of Salesforce, and at some point in the future, expand more aggressively into traditional non-profit fundraising – such as foundations grants and individual donors.

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How We Helped


Xceede installed the Non Profit Starter Pack (NPSP 3.0) to their already existing Salesforce in order to gain the benefits of the membership and grants features and the household model.

Thanks to a combination of Salesforce training, industry best practices and installation of the NPSP, the DC Special Education Cooperative is better set up for successful metrics collection, membership management and fundraising.

Industry Best Practices

The project gave them an opportunity to revisit and improve their processes and metrics that they collect. They eliminated the metrics they no longer need and will begin to store more of the ones they need in Salesforce.

Salesforce® Consulting

In addition to installing the Non Profit Starter Pack (NPSP 3.0) and gaining the benefits there, the team needed an overall Salesforce “refresher” course and orientation to their new NPSP features. Other Salesforce features where they gained new knowledge — such as reports and dashboards and tasks and activities — will augment their ability to manage performance of the organization as whole.

We love Salesforce and the way it helps us manage our memberships! It is saving us time and effort! Thank you Xceede!

Julie CamerataExecutive Director, DC Special Education Cooperative

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