Seabury Resources for Aging

Seabury Resources for Aging’s mission is to provide personalized, affordable services and housing options to help older adults in the greater Washington, DC area live with independence and dignity.

The Seabury Advancement team is responsible for marketing, communications, advocacy, volunteer management and fundraising. The organization was going through many transitions – impacting people, processes and technology. They had just completed their 90th Anniversary celebration and were shifting their fundraising strategy to include more events and corporate partnerships. They were physically moving offices and transitioning to a new CEO. Last but not least, and an important step in improving their infrastructure included making a systems switch from an on premise donor software to a cloud based CRM.

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How We Helped


Xceede Solutions proposed a combination of fundraising and Salesforce® related activities that would elevate the entire Seabury Advancement team’s performance in the year ahead, helping them reach their fundraising goals as they look to diversify their revenue base.

Industry Best Practices

We provided best practices in relationship management for their entire Advancement team to better steward their various constituents from the clients of the Seabury Connector to the major individual, congregational, corporate and foundation donors. We worked with the team to design an overall fundraising process, including a structure around their prospecting process, to be implemented along with the Salesforce® CRM.

Salesforce® Consulting

Once the fundraising process was designed, Xceede implemented the various elements of Salesforce CRM along with the latest Non Profit Starter Pack. We worked closely with the team to implement robust functionality in the area of individual and institutional donor management. We also provided their current data administrator intense Salesforce® Administrator training through a week-long set of sessions that covered all the important aspects of the system.

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