Special Olympics Mississippi Inc.

Special Olympics Mississippi had just completed an exciting year with fun, new events to engage donors and constituents. They had appointed a new CEO, along with new staff in key areas: Development, Special Events and PR. They had also installed Salesforce (the Non Profit Starter Pack with free 10 licenses) to help them manage constituents, but they were not maximizing it.

Special Olympics Mississippi decided to take a step back and analyze what was going on with their fundraising efforts – and in particular with individuals, their board, and how they were using Salesforce. They needed to find a sustainable path forward and they needed it fast!

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Xceede Solutions proposed a combination of individual giving, board building, and Salesforce activities that would elevate the entire Special Olympics Mississippi team’s performance in the year ahead, helping them reach their fundraising goals and better deliver their mission.

Board Engagement

In the last several years the board of directors had taken on a large share of the work in fundraising. They had maintained the organization with many, many volunteer hours and were understandably in need of recognition, reinvigoration, or rest. We worked closely with the CEO and board to develop a board profile that identified strengths and weaknesses, position description for new members, and identify new prospective board members to fill out the boards’ skills and talents.

Individual Donor Strategies

We led a planning session that ensured the staff were aligned and using common language and concepts to communicate ideas or obstacles. Through the process of reviewing their current practices, understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and brainstorming, they were able to produce new ideas and improve their current practices in individual giving. We took those ideas and framed them into a solid individual giving plan that the organization can implement over the next 6 months and in the coming years.

Industry Best Practices

Before diving in to develop new strategies, they needed a baseline level of education on individual giving for all the new staff. We conducted a best practices workshop with Board members, Volunteers, and Staff where they could see the applications to their environment, with Salesforce as the enabling technology.

Salesforce® Consulting

Special Olympics Mississippi’s Salesforce instance was underutilized. They needed to tie their Individual Giving Plans, among other Fundraising activities, to their Salesforce instance. They also needed new processes developed in data collection, data and gift entry, and gift reporting so they could regularly and holistically look at donors’ information to continuously improve their understanding. We configured Salesforce to support these strategies through automation, workflows, integration, and segmentation.

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