Zeno Mountain Farm

Will and Peter Halby, together with their wives, Vanessa and Ila, founded Zeno Mountain Farm in 2008 after they made the commitment to spend the rest of their lives creating opportunities for and with people with disabilities and diverse needs. Zeno Mountain Farm (“Zeno”) resides on top of a mountain on Zeno Road in Lincoln, Vermont.

Zeno believes that the most important thing in the whole world as human beings is friendship, community and the knowledge that we matter to each other. Zeno wants to make sure that everyone who comes to participates in their activities (creating films, plays/productions, sports and adventure camps, etc) has full access to each one of these.

The Founders were looking to improve their strategies and processes around Fundraising and Salesforce. They had had success in raising money but still experienced challenges of managing and growing their relationships and were fearful great prospects were falling through the cracks. They were a small team with hundreds of days of camps and activities in a year and needed sharper donor segmentation strategies to save time and energy and they needed Salesforce to support those strategies.

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How We Helped

Our project together enfolded into two parts: The creation of a customized Fundraising Plan for the year ahead, inclusive of best practices training; and a Salesforce upgrade to Non Profit Starter pack 3.0, also inclusive of configurations and training.

Industry Best Practices

Xceede brought its knowledge of industry best practices to bear so that Zeno can better understand and manage their constituents and data, and refine their fundraising processes, ensuring Zeno reaches its full potential.

Individual Donor Strategies

Starting with the development of a fundraising plan, we helped them improve their approach to donor stewardship and segmentation ensuring no prospects fall through the cracks – in their day to day strategies.

We also reviewed a variety of gift processing systems to help them make decisions on how best to streamline their gift processing functions.

We capped this off with a best practices training and how it applies to their new fundraising strategies.

Salesforce® Consulting

The fundraising plan laid the groundwork for the necessary customizations and configurations in Salesforce. In turn, these configurations, together with the Non Profit Starter Pack (3.0) supported the overall fundraising plan. The bookend to this portion of the project was a Salesforce training for staff to best understand and maximize the new functionality.

Working with Xceede might have been the best strategic move we have ever done. As a small non-profit navigating the world of managing donors, grants and salesforce was always daunting and left us feeling like we were missing opportunities and connections. Xceede helped us streamline our processes, organize our data, and most importantly made us feel on top of being the best communicators to all our donors and friends.

Will and Peter HalbyDirectors, Zeno Mountain Farm

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