Salesforce® Implementation Dramatically Boosts Efficiency For Non-Profit BioSTL and Investment Arm BioGenerator

Since its founding, non-profit venture capital investor BioSTL and its investment arm, BioGenerator, worked with a homegrown program management product. The software helped the organization manage investments, grants, business formation, communications, events, and diversity and inclusion initiatives. Everything was custom coded and hosted on premise. A full-time staff member built and maintained the system’s functionality.

As the organization grew, it became increasingly difficult and inefficient to navigate the data, share information and create reports. Program management elements were not working well together, creating inefficiencies and frustration. It became clear that BioSTL needed a better solution.

“As a non-profit with investors, we have a ton of reporting responsibilities and we need to be able to respond to a wide variety of requests in a timely fashion,” says BioGenerator Director Edward Hamati. “It became increasingly difficult to accomplish important tasks that we knew could be done more efficiently. We had lots of data, but no easy way to do much with it.”

Using the robust power of Salesforce®, Xceede Solutions leveraged Sales Cloud to develop an organization-wide program management platform, creating a single place for managing all relationships and details. Sales Cloud enabled BioGenerator to:

  • More efficiently track investments utilizing the pipeline and activity management functionality.
  • Boost productivity and improve relationship management with Lightning for Outlook, enabling users to create contacts, accounts, and sync email content and attachments directly into Salesforce.
  • Easily measure impact by gathering important constituent metrics using the survey tool GetFeedback.
  • Utilize Salesforce as the main information repository by implementing EventBrite and MailChimp Apps.

Staff training and ongoing support have been an essential part of the successful implementation of Salesforce. Xceede onboarded and trained 20 Salesforce users, and provides ongoing support to help ensure that the 27-member BioGenerator team reaps the benefits of all Salesforce has to offer.

It’s great to have a technology solution that makes everything more efficient. It’s another thing to find a partner like Xceede who not only knows the technology inside and out but can look at your business issues and can translate those needs into a daily workflow environment

Edward Hamati

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BioSTL and BioGenerator is a non-profit venture capital investor that creates, grows, and invests in promising companies and entrepreneurs in the St. Louis region. BioSTL fosters collaborative efforts and builds infrastructure to maximize the region’s potential in biosciences.

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