Day One of the LMA Annual Conference kicked off with an amazing keynote speech by Zoe Chance. Zoe, a professor at Yale School of Management is a change maker in the world of marketing. She had some insightful advice to lend at the conference about the unique practices of marketing to and for law firms. One of my favorite moments was when she used Daniel Kahneman’s: Thinking Fast and Slow (a book about Behavioral Economics), as a reference as to how it relates to the business of a law firm. She used the book as a tool to get legal marketers thinking about how to approach marketing and business development from a behavioral perspective as it relates to law firms. Overall, it was a great start to very successful conference.

A common theme throughout the conference seemed to support leveraging technology within law firms to improve sales, marketing and operational efficiencies. Networking with legal marketers, business, sales and legal development professionals were seamless and created limitless relationship building opportunities for everyone. The LMA did a great job encouraging and promoting networking throughout the entire conference. Everyone was so welcoming, which was quite refreshing and relieving if you came alone. The Exhibit Hall was full of vendors of all types that service the legal industries.  After speaking to a few vendors, it was clear that exhibiting at the LMA conference was quite an enjoyable and beneficial experience.

There were dozens of great breakaway sessions being hosted throughout the conference. I took advantage of these learning opportunities and caught quite a few. A couple of my favorites were “Aligning Marketing and Business Development Resources for Law Growth: Does Your Firm Got Games?” and “Artificial Intelligence: Harnessing the Power of the AI and Selling the Concept Internally”. These sessions, and quite a few more, were more in-depth talks about how firms can utilize technology like CRMs, Artificial Intelligence and Marketing Automation to collect and analyze data to predict client trends and grow the firm’s revenue.

Day One wrapped to a great first official conference day.


Next up: Day Two of my first LMA Annual Conference

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