Xceede's Commitment to ESG

What we are doing to make the world a better place

Xceede Solutions is deeply committed to its role in the local and global community. We are only at our first steps in our journey towards sustainability. We will continue to evolve our organization and align our day-to-day operational activities to the major trends that are shaping our world for the years to come. We are deploying all our energy and efforts to fostering a constructive, ESG-focused mindset in professional services.  

When we follow one positive action after another, we can create a better tomorrow for all. We believe that ESG factors must be integrated at the core of everything we do.  


Our story starts with our people.

We commit to advancing a collaborative, inclusive and globally diverse culture that creates unique careers in consulting and technology.

Our team includes a good balance of women.

We're rich in racial diversity.

We're proud to have veterans on our team.

Our team is composed of various cultural origins.

Products & Services

We innovate for a better tomorrow.

We demonstrate an unwavering commitment to safety, quality and integrity and instill best practices in all that we do.

Our hosting provider is a contributor to the One Tree Challenge.

Our software uses proprietary coding that minimizes cycles per second crashes.

100% of our consultants work from home, reducing emissions from transportation and centralized electricity consumption.

We actively collaborate with universities to afford students practical, hands-on consulting opportunities.


It's not just what we do — it's also how we do it.

We operate sustainably and engage transparently on behalf of our customers and stakeholders.

We are committed to being 100% paperless.

We have pushed most of our meetings to virtual, reducing the need for transportation and its associated carbon footprint.

The Xceede Code of Conduct is strictly adhered to by our team.

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