In today’s digital world, deciding if a law firm or a lawyer needs a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system isn’t the question we should be asking. The question is which CRM tool will deliver the greatest benefit to your organization. We believe Salesforce® CRM can help you grow your business while saving you valuable time.

Generate New Business

Generating new business, getting the most out of your referrals and getting repeat business can sometime require these technology management tools to grow your active law firm.  Tools that can manage active contact with clients in the most strategic way can create long lasting lucrative relationships. A CRM system allows firms to get valuable clients, store them appropriately and sort them with ease. With CRM tools, you’ll be able to target specific needs from your clients, resulting in an increase of sales for your firm. These tools can help paint a picture of your perfect client and can provide specific ways to go after them.  Not all business is good business, investing in tools that can help narrow down your search will result in quality leads.

Automate Marketing Efforts

Marketing automation can deliver a process, not only is this process proven to work, but it saves the lawyers time.  From sending newsletters, blogs, holiday greetings or personalized notes, marketing platforms for Law professionals are rising in popularity. In today’s competitive environment, firms have to differentiate themselves through their expertise in specialized areas of law. Content marketing is becoming the primary tool for firms to stand out from the crowd. This allows for the firm to build up their own personal brand and style so they can more easily attract new clients and retain existing clients.

Secure, Cloud Based & Mobile Technology

Security is ranked high in priority when it comes to legal documents and sharing. A law firm needs to have a solid trust in their CRM system. Salesforce®, one the world’s leading CRM systems, is well-known for having great security.  They protect confidential client information making lawyers feel free and at ease working in the cloud. For lawyers, knowing their clients information is secure allows for them to relax and focus on getting real time updates.  Working in the cloud allows multiple partner firms to stay on top of updated information. Time after time, platforms that are “mobile” save time for independent to small law firms that are always on the move. Immediate access to information such as account history, meeting times and locations and recently changed information can prepare lawyers while on the road. Having a mobile CRM system can help increase sales as well.  Having all that information at your fingertips can prevent lawyers from wasting time looking up contacts, phone numbers or trying to remember their last conversation and what the focus was.  This will allow them to concentrate on meaningful conversation with their clients.

With the important features and tools a CRM system can provide, it’s no wonder more and more law firms are turning to CRM systems and getting great results.

At Xceede Solutions, we’re focused on delivering successful outcomes for our clients. We ensure that technology is closely aligned with the organizational strategy and underlying operations you need to run your firm.

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