Our solutions help Nonprofits empower stakeholders to streamline programs, engage their constituents, and innovate in order to exceed their mission.


We help Nonprofits leverage technology in order to become more efficient, develop additional capabilities, become sustainable, and do more with less.


We enable Nonprofits to understand and segment their constituents in order to create meaningful two-way relationships.


We help Nonprofits break free from antiquated systems through the adoption of continuously innovating technology platforms.

Sustainable Fundraising Strategies

We can help you develop a sustainable fundraising strategy, harnessing Salesforce’s powerful capabilities to ensure success, long after the event or campaign is over. Our solutions maximize the giving and grants obtained from your current donor base, shore up or create new business processes based on best practices, and leverage the rich data contained within your Salesforce Platform®.

Implement proven fundraising strategies to create sustainable revenue streams from Individuals, Major Donors, and Organizations so you can focus on your mission objectives. We are experts in Fundraising and we can configure Salesforce® to support your staff.

Individual Donor Strategies

With over 70% of charitable donations being made by Individuals (according to the National Philanthropic Trust), it is critical for Non Profit organizations to implement Fundraising strategies specific to the Individual Donor base.

 Key Benefits

  • Implement a methodology and related strategies to ensure appropriate engagement with Individual Donors.
  • Increase funds raised within existing and expanded donor base.
  • Data driven approach to formulate and inform individual donor strategies and activities.

Board Engagement

Based on research conducted by Boardsource, a preeminent resource for board directors for Non Profits, Board Members ranked low in terms of Board Engagement. Board Members have a fiduciary responsibility towards your organization and can be powerful assets when it comes to extending the reach of your development department.

Key Benefits

  • Develop a board engagement strategy that leverages the unique attributes of each board member to grow the fundraising capacity of the organization.
  • Equip board members with the tools to act as key fundraisers for the organization.
  • Data driven approach to measure and report on board engagement in fundraising activities.

Constituent Relationship Management (CRM)

Implement the industry leading CRM platform, Salesforce®, to transform the way you manage your organization. We implement Salesforce® and relevant apps, train your staff, and setup your organization for success.

Key Benefits

  • Transform the way you engage with your Constituents.
  • Empower your staff with the industry leading CRM built on world class cloud technology.
  • Free Salesforce® licenses for qualifying Nonprofits.

Donor Analytics

Analyze and visualize your donor pool to implement strategies that will drive your growth and extend your reach. We utilize various tools and methods to analyze your donor base.


  • Group your donors based on various characteristics in order to tailor your engagement strategies
  • Tailor your cultivation to each donor segment
  • Understand the changing landscape of your donor base


  • Understand the giving behavior of your donors
  • Identify donors that have the capacity and willingness to donate more
  • Determine the Donor Lifetime Value

Dashboards & Reports

  • Provide your leadership and board with a set of analytical reports and dashboards
  • Inform and measure the effectiveness of your Fundraising Strategies

Salesforce® and Data Administrator

Certified Administrator

Save on time and resource by outsourcing the administration and data management of your Salesforce®. We have a team of certified Salesforce® Administrators available at your disposal for ongoing support to your organization.

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