We build Apps on the Salesforce® Platform and Mobile iOS/Android.

We build Enterprise class applications on the Salesforce® platform and can leverage all the latest innovations that it offers.


We employ industry and Salesforce® best practices when developing applications on the platform.


We also build Mobile Applications that can leverage or integrate with Salesforce® to bring enterprise mobility to your employees, partners, and customers.

Standalone Salesforce® Apps


PLNR is a native Salesforce App that allows organizations to adopt a “Sales-Driven Planning” approach to their key Financial and Non-Financial business metrics. Built on the Salesforce Platform, PLNR offers a robust planning tool embedded within the Sales Pipeline.


ConnecTRS is a native Salesforce App that allows organization to seamlessly integrate with the TRS Volunteer Management platform in order to retrieve Registration Information for Management Reporting & Analytics and Donor Cultivation

Board Action Plan

The Board Action Plan allows Nonprofit organizations to work closely with their Board Members to develop a Fundraising plan with concrete actions for each member. This allows Nonprofits to assign and track fundraising activities related to their Board Members and move towards greater engagement and accountability.

Real Estate Management Suite

A suite of applications focused on allowing Residential real estate agents to manage their relationships, transactions, and overall growth of their business.

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