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Grow your Law firm using Industry Best Practices enabled by Technology

Adopt the world’s leading CRM and technology platform to grow your law firm while developing a deeper relationship with your clients.

Business Development & Marketing Automation

Strengthen Your Business

Great business development and marketing automation can build a healthy pipeline of clients.  With Salesforce® Sales Cloud®, Xceede Solutions can design and implement dynamic Lead Management Processes that allows law firms to capitalize on digital and event marketing efforts. Automate outbound marketing activities, capture all interactions with possible prospects and assign leads for follow ups and qualifications. Measure and realize ROI for all your business development efforts.

Proposal Management

Streamline your Process and Gain New Business

Law firms today need a more efficient way to manage the proposal process, especially when cross-selling the firm’s capabilities. Easily generate and track the entire proposal lifecycle within Salesforce®. An enhanced process can eliminate unnecessary steps in proposal generation, while making it easier to resolve conflicts using existing data about current clients. Utilize various templates to standardize and ensure a high level of quality throughout the process.

Client Relationship Management

Manage Relationships not Contacts

It’s important to build a secure foundation with new clients and establish a long-lasting relationship. With Salesforce®, law firms can now obtain a 360-degree view of the client organization, from key account intelligence, personnel and current matters. Easily maintain all your activities related to managing the relationship within one system; create follow-up tasks, meetings, and even track various notes about the clients to ensure future referrals and repeat business. Increase your overall productivity without having to switch among different systems.

Case Management

360-Degree View of your Cases

Keep track of all activities and information as it relates to client work as well as any key participants and the roles for each case.  Import data relevant to case information directly into Salesforce® from third party applications such as your timekeeping system. Easily manage the overall lifecycle of your cases.

Document Management

(Conga Redlining)

In the legal world, document revisions are a daily and critical occurrence when working on various matters. Keeping track of such revisions through Redlining, while common, can be extremely cumbersome and daunting. With Conga Redlining, our partner solution, your firm can manage all document revisions between parties with ease. Additional solutions help simplify reporting, contracts, and documents. Check out additional features Conga Redlining can do for your firm here.

Reports and Dashboards

Business Metrics and Analytics

Create reports and dashboards that show case the key metrics of your business, ranging from marketing and business development, customer relationship management to business growth. Easily create powerful data visualizations to enable your business leaders with the right information at their fingertips.

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