TRS Volunteer Management System Brings Verified Volunteers’s Background Checks and Xceede’s Salesforce® Integration to Nonprofits

Building on the companies’ strategic alliance, TRS (The Registration System) and Verified Volunteers’ quality background checks have extended their integration to Salesforce®. With this new integration in place, TRS and Verified Volunteers will provide a more seamless volunteer experience while enabling efficient reporting for nonprofits and United Way organizations across the country.

TRS and Verified Volunteers, leaders in volunteer management systems and volunteer background checks for events, respectively, announced today that their collaboration has expanded to assist customers to capture, analyze and take action on volunteer data within Salesforce®.

“…more than one-third of those who volunteer for one year will not donate their time the next year.”

Last year the Corporation of National and Community Service reported that the volunteer rate remained steady as 62.6 million Americans volunteered 7.8 billion hours. The estimated value of this volunteer service is nearly $184 billion, according to the Independent Sector’s estimate based on the average value of $23.56 per volunteer hour.

Despite this high value, the Stanford Social Innovation Review reported that while nonprofits rely heavily on volunteers, poor management leads to volunteer dissatisfaction, resulting in more than one-third of volunteers withdrawing their time the following year to any nonprofit. The estimated lost labor adds up to $38 billion.

To improve volunteer retention, nonprofit leaders must develop a more strategic approach to managing this overlooked and undervalued talent pool.

TRS, the leader in volunteer management systems for events, enables organizations to simplify the volunteer experience, increase volunteer satisfaction and retention, and collect key data to make smart strategic decisions. By integrating TRS with Verified Volunteers, volunteers are now able to register with the organization and complete their background check with a single log-in. The background check results and volunteer registration data populate in the organization’s Salesforce® Constituent Relationship Management thereby creating a single view for volunteer history, attendance, vetting, and other types of involvement.

[Volunteers] are almost twice as likely to make charitable donations as non-volunteers.”

Volunteers are not only incredibly valuable to nonprofits and United Way organizations but also almost twice as likely to donate to charity compared to non-volunteers. According to the Corporation of National and Community Service, nearly 80% of volunteers donated to charity compared to 40 percent of non-volunteers.

Our Technology Partner, Xceede Solutions, built the integration to Salesforce® for the TRS + Verified Volunteers Management Platform that allows organizations to have access to the insights needed to analyze and efficiently deliver a connected, personalized volunteer experience.

With volunteer data now present in Salesforce®, SO organizations can better understand the full relationship with their constituents from volunteering activities to event/program participation to financial donations.

With the volunteer rate remaining fairly steady over the past years, we find it critical to help nonprofits like United Way be empowered to increase volunteer satisfaction; retain their existing volunteer base and build stronger relationships.

“Volunteers expect good organization, meaningful communications and knowledgeable staff.  The TRS and Verified Volunteers’ staff believe that volunteer relationships are a critical asset,” said Florence May, President of TRS.  “TRS and Verified Volunteers are a natural fit within Salesforce because both products focus on helping organizations create more intelligent and personalized interactions with their volunteers.”

“Verified Volunteers is thrilled to expand its strategic alliance with TRS, helping to create a more seamless and efficient experience for both volunteers and volunteer managers,” said Katie Zwetzig, Executive Director of Verified Volunteers.  “For organizations, having the ability to access background check results and other volunteer data within Salesforce for easy management and reporting is a game changer.”

“We’re excited about our launch of connecTRS, our native Salesforce app, which allows not only our existing United Way clients but also other United Way organizations to seamlessly integrate their Salesforce® environment with TRS,” said Sanjiv Teelock, President & CEO of Xceede Solutions.

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