Enterprise Data Management

Easily master, integrate and backup your data

Stay aligned with marketplace reality with Master Data Management

Solid Master Data Management streamlines data flows and prepares your business for handling newer technologies and capitalizing on process efficiencies. Master Data Management helps eliminate instances of wrong data, which distort results obtained in reports and analytics.

Effective Master Data Management can yield massive ROI to your company.



Carry out customer data entry only once, from any point in the organization.


Superior data enrichment

Simplify the process of updating and enhancing customer records through a well-thought out data strategy. For instance, if your customer buys a second home, you shouldn't have to create a new customer record to add a new address.


Comprehensive interaction capture

Gain a single view of each customer and all that person’s interactions so you never have to guess whether someone else in your organization has contacted a customer before or if you have the correct contact information.


Data maintenance efficiency

Keep only essential data as your business grows. This saves disk space and simplifies data integrity simplifications.



Simplify the process of removing customer records and eliminate the need to sift through your data to remove every instance of the same customer.


Data quality management

Place technical constraints on customer record modifications in order to prevent duplicate or incomplete entries that may create problems in subsequent business processes.


Superior data integration

Enable the flow of customer data between your CRM and other business systems your team uses.


Reliable data governance

Secure information, protect privacy and grant access to appropriate team members.



Avoid fines and preserve your reputation and trust.

Fully realize the ROI of your CRM platform by integrating it with your other business platforms

What if you could connect all your on-premise and cloud software in days rather than months? What if you could have data flowing freely from one application to another, allowing teams to work from their preferred interfaces?

The result: everyone would be enriching the data while simultaneously deriving decision-enhancing insights from it to grow the business.

Key benefits and features

Jitterbit connects all your sources of data to generate meaningful insights



Eliminate the need to switch systems to get needed information. Eliminate cutting and pasting of data from one system to another, which wastes time.


Improve decision-making

Access data from all the integrated system. The more data you can access and convert into meaningful information, the more resources you will have to make superior decisions.



Enable each team to work from the system they prefer, which streamlines communications and leads to more information sharing.



Understand your customers better by collecting data from multiple sources to get a complete view of customers' needs, pain points, and behaviors, so you can connect deeply with customers to impress, influence, and retain them.


Avoid costly

Any standard data entry can result in errors, even when following copy and paste format. Your team will no longer need to carry out unnecessary multiple data entry, drastically reducing the incidence of data errors and the time and money cost of correcting them.



Gain an overall comprehensive view of all your customers ranging from buying tendency and choices to order history and payment transactions, resulting in superior service, superior marketing, superior offerings and superior sales.

Preserve your mission-critical data and avoid the risk of losing or compromising it.

Over 75% of organizations have suffered a data loss or corruption incident in their CRM application in 2021, and nearly 90% of organizations didn’t fully recover their lost data after an incident.

Customer data development and management are costly in time and resources. With our backup services, you can safeguard your data investments against all risks.

Key benefits and features

Alleviate the stress of errors and accidents with ownBackup


Protect & recover

Protect data and metadata with comprehensive, automated backups and rapid, stress-free recovery.


Safe innovation

Propagate data to sandboxes for faster innovation and ideal environments to safely develop, test, and train.


Data archive

Preserve data in archives with customizable retention policies and simplified compliance and reporting.


Data security

Strengthen security posture by identifying data exposure risks and proactively taking action.

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