Sales-Driven Planning

Enable your team to collaborate to hit the target, natively on your CRM using PLNR — Sales-Driven Planning

Build a single growth plan for sales, marketing and operations — aligned and focused on growth

One single,
integrated plan

Align Sales, Marketing, and Operations inputs in a single plan for leadership

target focus

Focus on critical activities across the organization that will drive to meeting your goals. Remain nimble by making the necessary adjustments.


Ensure your plan and adjustments are focused on delivering the desired business outcomes. Provide management with key analysis to make critical decisions.

Driver-based planning

Let Sales drive your budgets and forecasts for all aspects of your business.

Gap mitigation

Create a dynamic actionable plan to ensure you close any gaps to targets.

Sales planning reimagined to steer your growth and reduce risks

What we can help you achieve

Accelerate your sales cycle | Manage sales performance | Plan your revenue

Sales-Driven Planning allows you to apply the best planning practices to your sales processes to (a) complete your strategic plan and come up with sales targets, (b) implement the plan with concrete actions, (c) continuously monitor and analyze your performance, and (d) make the necessary adjustments to close the gap to plan.

Target definition

  • Complete your strategic plan
  • Set your sales targets using a top-down approach
  • Build up the sales budget from the bottom up based on their existing customer portfolio and sales pipeline

Plan implementation

  • Your team begins executing the plan.

Performance analysis

  • Monitor and analyze your progress against the annual plan
  • Compare your budget versus actual performance and work with your sales team to explain the variances
  • Perform “What-If” scenarios and understand your trends


  • Adopt a Sales-Driven Planning approach to make adjustments
  • Close the gap to plan
  • Implement territory optimization, sales & marketing incentives, and other business levers to exceed your plan

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Underlying revenue risk

Analyze your underlying revenue risk. Closely monitor the gap between your target and your pipeline to ensure you hit targets every time.

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Business plans

Create business plans based on pre-defined planning models that incorporate your territories, customers, opportunities and sales pipeline information in a secure and collaborative manner — all natively within your Salesforce CRM.

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Sales and Marketing activities that deliver results

Embed key activities as part of your Sales and Marketing plan that helps grow your business. This will allow your team to focus on taking steps that create value for your organization and customers alike.

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Robust planning approval processes

Leverage approval processes within your overall planning cycles to ensure your team is working closely on building a solid Sales and Marketing plan to best serve your customers.

Key benefits and features

PLNR — Sales-Driven Planning equips your organization to grow


Plan creation

Create plans to close the gap to your target — and exceed it by leveraging marketplace reality, account intelligence, and support from Marketing and Operations.



Build a single, integrated plan that enables collaboration across your organization to align your resources, investments, and initiative to deliver growth.


Territory management

Leverage your Territory Models to set targets and empower your sales force to create bottom-up budgets and forecasts.



Leverage Multi-Currency and Advanced Multi-Currency features to build and analyze plans in local and corporate reporting currencies.



Embed key activities as part of your Sales and Marketing plan to grow your business and keep your teams accountable.


Approval processes

Leverage embedded or custom approval processes to ensure Sales management is committed to the plan.



Monitor and analyze your progress using Salesforce analytical tools (Tableau CRM/Einstein) to identify areas for action and adjustments.



The existing security model within your Salesforce environment governs all your planning activities and your data never leaves the Salesforce Platform.


Data integration

Bring in data from your ERP and other corporate systems using our built-in integration options so you can update your forecasts with actual performance.

Solve your growth problem

Share your business challenges in a collaborative session with us so we can brainstorm solutions together.