The costs of a poor Salesforce implementation for B2B

We identified this list of symptoms directly attributable to our clients' original Salesforce implementation

What is a poor Salesforce implementation costing you — and why aren’t you correcting them immediately?

01. You lose opportunities and customers.

  • Your company loses opportunities because your sales managers didn’t even know an opportunity existed, preventing them from offering effective coaching.
    You lose active customers because a lack of information prevents them from being effectively targeted by marketing initiatives.
  • Customers get upset because their issues aren’t properly recorded by your company and your sales team unknowingly tries to sell them additional products or services.
  • Your sales team cannot see accounting information to take advantage of buying trends.
  • Your marketing does not reach your ICP and, as such, cannot generate quality leads.

02. You waste your team’s time.

  • Your sales team wastes a lot of time checking up and maintaining customer data (too many data demands just to type in a new contact).
  • Your sales team wastes time writing down notes of their activities for the sake of reporting — when that activity does not contribute to advancing sales opportunities.

03. You don’t give your team adequate information.

  • Customer insights aren’t accessible to every single customer-touching team member because of inadequate permission configuration.
  • Your customer service team wastes a lot of time looking for and assembling customer information that is spread across platforms.
  • Prospect and customer information can’t be trusted because important information is missing from the record.
  • You lose key customer information when sales people leave because they did not use the CRM to record their customer interactions.

04. You upset your team.

  • You lose top producers because you do not equip them with useful, practical sales tools.
  • Your entire team is upset because they really want to grow the company and improve the customer experience, but don’t have access to effective tools to make it happen.

05. You can’t forecast.

  • You can’t project future revenue with a good degree of accuracy.
  • Your sales forecast either doesn’t exist or cannot be trusted by finance and operations, which results in imbalanced production and inventory costs or upset customers due to inadequate fulfillment.

Driving growth with Salesforce

To avoid these issues and prevent others, make sure to adequately plan your Salesforce implementation.

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