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Our consulting technology extends beyond technology; we're your partners, analysts, architects, trainers and business transformation sherpas. But above all, we're advisors to help you take your top producers to the next level.

What we can help you achieve

Sales and Marketing reimagined for high performance using Salesforce® Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud.

In an ever changing landscape with geo political influences, Sales as a discipline is constantly evolving. With rapid technology advances, customers expect that you meet them in their environment and on their terms. The salesperson today has to do more, from anticipating customer needs, tracking all their activities, forecast their quotas, and accelerate the growth of the enterprise.

We have a deep understanding of what it takes to be successful in this discipline from adopting Sales Methodologies like Challenger Sales and Sandler, to implementing key processes that allow your team to close business faster.

The path to revenue is filled with impediments that we can help you overcome. We understand the Sales discipline and are experts at configuring and customizing Salesforce® Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud to fit your needs.

High performance sales

Empower your team with the right CRM and processes that allow them to close deals faster, prioritize tasks, and remain efficient on the go. Enable your team to succeed with insights and guidance at a deal level.

Remain agile

Adapt your strategy in an agile way to further expand and grow your business. Establish new deal teams, territories, quotas, and other operational considerations to mobilize your sales to quickly respond to changing market conditions.

Long lasting customers

In the age of personalization, build unforgettable customer experiences that create long-term relationships beyond the selling process. Deliver a fully integrated set of processes and make it very easy for customers to keep doing business with you.

Our unique approach

Exentatio methodology

Management consulting firms help you design a strategic framework for your growth, but don’t help you implement it.

Technology consultants help you implement technology, but don’t understand the strategic underpinnings of your business.

Our Exentatio methodology is different.

We work from with you to map your business outcomes all the way down to the solution needed, and then implement the technology that operationalizes it.

It's end-to-end consulting, from strategy all the way to technology.

Our approach exemplified

Business outcome

Grow revenue

Grow existing customer relationships

  • Identify Cross-Sell Opportunities using analytics to augment customer profiles and providing visualizations to the Sales team

Uncover new customer relationships

  • Increase Qualified Leads through a robust qualification process and metrics
  • Distribute Leads to the right salesperson based on territory and account coverage models with appropriate notifications and visualizations for the sales team

Accelerate revenue Cycle

  • Streamline the contracting process to automate various stages of the contract lifecycle and provide all parties with an easy way to collaborate and conclude negotiations

Our specialties

We have implemented solutions leveraging industry best practices, technology, business processes, and our expertise for our clients across industries.

Customer relationship management

Streamline your team's sales experience to drive performance and growth using Salesforce® Sales Cloud.

Marketing personalization
and automation

Bring your prospects and customers closer with digital marketing processes using Salesforce® Marketing Cloud.

Data visualization,
analytics and AI

Equip your team with data and analytics and leverage the power of AI to make the best decision every time.

Sales-driven planning

Build collaborative business plans, set targets, build bottom-up budgets and mitigate your gap to revenue .

Document generation

Quickly generate error-free digital documents for any need from your CRM data using Conga Composer℠.


Secure the signatures you need for business-critical transactions with fast, efficient eSignature using Conga Sign℠.

Contract lifecycle

Streamline contract lifecycle management (CLM) for efficiency and insights using Conga Contracts℠.

Enterprise data

Easily connect your CRM to other applications and automatically backup mission-critical data.

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Strategic partnerships

Market-leading technology partners

We have partnered with technology providers within the Salesforce ecosystem, such as Jitterbit, OwnBackup, and Conga, to further augment our solutions.

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