Xceede Solutions Partners with The Registration System (TRS) To Develop the connecTRS App

by Sanjiv Teelock

WASHINGTON, July 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Xceede Solutions announced today its collaboration with TRS (The Registration System) to develop connecTRS, an app that provides a 360-degree profile view to unlock volunteer potential, increase volunteer retention, and strengthen nonprofit's donor bases.

"…more than one-third of those who volunteer one year will not donate their time the next year."

 The Stanford Social Innovation Review noted in "The New Volunteer Workforce" that while nonprofits rely heavily on volunteers, poor management leads to volunteer dissatisfaction, resulting in more than one-third of volunteers withdrawing their time the following year to any nonprofit.

Built on the Salesforce Platform, connecTRS empowers nonprofits by simplifying the volunteer experience, increasing volunteer satisfaction and retention, and collecting key data to make intelligent decisions. With the app, volunteer registration data populates in the organization's Customer Relationship Management system thereby creating a single view for volunteer history, attendance, vetting, and other involvement.

"[Volunteers] are almost twice as likely to donate to charity as non-volunteers."

The annual Volunteering and Civic Life in America research, released in 2016 by the Corporation for National and Community Service, revealed that nearly 80 percent of volunteers donated to charity compared to 40 percent of non-volunteers.

With volunteer data now readily available to the fundraising department, nonprofit organizations can better understand the full relationship with their constituents from volunteering activities to event/program participation to financial donations.

"Volunteers expect good organization, meaningful communications and knowledgeable staff.  The TRS staff believes that volunteer relationships are a critical asset," said Florence May, President of TRS.

"With the volunteer rate remaining fairly steady over the past years, we find it critical that nonprofits are empowered to increase and retain volunteer satisfaction and build stronger relationships. We are excited to collaborate with the TRS team in bringing a smooth volunteer experience to our customers," said Sanjiv Teelock, President and CEO of Xceede Solutions.

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For more information about connecTRS or to schedule a demo, click here.

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