Contract Lifecycle Management

Accelerate your revenue and manage your business risks using Conga Contracts for Salesforce

Organizations realize 282% ROI
by streamlining their Contract Management.

Contract creation

Reduce the average time to put a contract in place from 2 weeks to

3 days

Contract renewals

Reduce the average time to get your contract renewed from 1 week to

1 day

Revenue improvement

Improve your Revenue from 6% annual growth to

14% Annual Growth

Highlights from:

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Conga Contracts
Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By Improved Contract Creation And Management Solutions.
A Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study Commissioned By Conga (September 2019)

Contract Lifecycle Management reimagined to accelerate your growth and reduce risks

What we can help you achieve

High velocity sales | Risk management | Contract automation

Our approach to Contract Lifecycle Management allows you to implement the best practices throughout your processes to (a) reduce the time it takes to generate, negotiate, and get agreements executed, (b) ensures you are using the latest version of approved legal clauses, (c) allows you to implement a self-service contracting model, where your sales/business teams can generate their own templates and conduct business uninterrupted, and (d) manage your business risks by tracking/analyzing/reporting on key contractual terms and financial metrics.


  • Capture all the necessary information
  • Manage your workload
  • Set SLAs for your contract process
  • Leverage existing information


  • Leverage a Clause Library
  • Provide Alternate Clauses
  • Track deviations from standard language
  • Central Repository and version control

Review & negotiation

  • Collaborate internally and externally with key stakeholders
  • Manage your Red-Lining
  • Obtain necessary internal approvals
  • Enforce your Authorization Matrix
  • Reduce time to draft documents
  • Always use the latest versions of legal language


  • Automatically send for execution
  • Parallel or serial approval chains
  • Capture additional information upon execution (write-back)
  • Native integration with leading e-Signature providers
CLM Dashboard

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Contract overview dashboard

Analyze your overall Contracts Lifecycle and associated Business Risk in one concise view. You leverage all the features of Salesforce and Conga Contracts to stay on top of your processes and risk metrics.

Contracts Hub

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Contact hub

Easily manage your contracts workload using an excel-like view where you can easily sort, drill down to see details, and color code the information.

CLM Clause Library

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Clause library

Organize your legal language into clause bundles, individual clauses, and sub-clauses. You can maintain different versions of the legal language so that your contracts are always created with the most recent verbiage.

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Negotiation and redlines

Manage the entire negotiation process along with tracking comments and redlines within your contract. Work directly in Word to manage all the changes and they are also tracked in Salesforce.

CLM True Up Process

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True up process

Once you conclude the negotiations, you can save the final versions of the clauses and language in Salesforce so you can easily report on contracts that deviate from your standard language. This is critical to understanding your Business Risk Exposure!

CLM History and Activities

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Contract lifecycle

Track all your activities related to the contract from all exchanges/communications both internal and external along with the various versions and history of key changes.

CLM Conga Sign Email Sent

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Electronic signature

Easily send out your finalized contracts for execution using Conga Sign. All your documents are delivered in the order you need for signatures from one or more parties.

Real quantified benefits (3-Year)


Contract creation time and cost savings


Contract renewal and revision time and cost savings


Business Impact on Revenue and Margin

Highlights from:

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Conga Contracts
Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By Improved Contract Creation And Management Solutions.
A Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study Commissioned By Conga (September 2019)

Key benefits and features

Conga Contracts provides valuable benefits to your organization



Numerous features that speed up contract creation time, such as a clause library, drag-and-drop Microsoft Word add-in features, eSignature integration, easy access to a library of preconfigured contract templates, quick contract setup


Contract revision & renewal

Streamline contract renewals with easy- to-use tools available through Word add-ins and Salesforce processes


Contract request & delivery

Track all incoming requests for legal support and manage overall cycle time to deliver executed agreements. Provide a transparent process to review existing agreements and adhere with compliance and audit.


Reduce in-house legal needs

Contract management no longer requires a dedicated lawyer to review and process requests. Implement a self-service approach with approved legal clauses within a library.



Faster contract completion means organizations can take advantage of business partnerships and opportunities sooner, leading to increased revenue and margin.


Quality standards maintained with AI

Additional Conga features include automated contract reviews that can notice hard-to-spot errors with much greater consistency — for example, a missing “not” would completely change the focus of a legal clause, but can be easily missed by a human reviewer.

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