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According to Gartner, 62.3% of Chief Sales Officers rate improving account management and account-based strategies as a top priority for 2022. For almost every company, existing customers represent a significant share of revenue. However, traditional approaches designed to retain existing customers do not necessarily translate into developing growth opportunities within the account base.The challenge of

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When a client approaches us for assistance with a Salesforce implementation for Sales and Marketing, they usually face a common problem: what Salesforce products or features should we implement and how should we go about implementing them? The question usually stems from two realities: Different constituencies have virtually unlimited wants (and in many cases, conflicting) as to

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We identified this list of symptoms directly attributable to our clients’ original Salesforce implementationWhat is a poor Salesforce implementation costing you — and why aren’t you correcting them immediately? 01. You lose opportunities and customers.Your company loses opportunities because your sales managers didn’t even know an opportunity existed, preventing them from offering effective coaching.You lose

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