Customer Relationship Management

Streamline your team's sales experience to drive performance and growth using Salesforce® Sales Cloud

Salesforce® customers report an average 37% increase in revenue after implementing Sales Cloud.

Close more sales
  • Implement a consistent sales process
  • Keep your Sales team focused on the right opportunities
  • Empower management analysis and review
Grow your pipeline
  • Source and qualify leads
  • Collaborate with marketing
  • Identify and manage deals

Customer Relationship Management reimagined to accelerate your growth

What we can help you achieve

Re-implement your CRM | Accelerate your sales cycle | Adopt sales-driven planning

Our approach to Customer Relationship Management allows you to implement the best practices throughout your processes to (a) organize contacts, schedule tasks, and manage deals, (b) stay connected to all the people and information needed to close sales, (c) evaluate and track the impact of marketing campaigns on your pipeline so you can prioritize your leads, and (d) design and run business processes rapidly and simply.

Organize key contacts

  • Know every contact in your customer accounts
  • Feed social data into your CRM to view customer interactions
  • Collaborate with other team members
  • Get all the information you need to prepare for customer meetings


  • Track all associated activities
  • Drive consistency through your sales process
  • Quickly create up-to-the-minute quotes
  • View critical details of the opportunity in a rich activity timeline

Manage your lead pipeline

  • Convert more leads into actual opportunities
  • Assign leads to the right people
  • Track your marketing campaigns across all channels

Workflow and approvals

  • Set up business processes and approval requests to be finished automatically
  • Simplify your approval process to keep deals moving forward

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Opportunity management

Stay on top of everything associated with your team's deals — which stage they're in, which products are being negotiated, competitors, quotes and more. Keep track of all the interactions, people and information needed to close the sale.

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Contact management

Access all the information you need about contacts, including communications with the contact and their activity on social media.

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Use powerful dashboards to get an instant snapshot of your pipeline, revenue, and accounts. Drill down into the data using powerful analytics.

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Activity tracking

Record and keep track of every single activity involving your accounts and contacts. Whether it's meetings, emails, phone calls, or sending a contract to be signed, the entire communication trail is there for your team right when it needs it.

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Automated workflows

Stop wasting time and risking errors on processes that can be automated! Leveraging Salesforce's Flow Engine, we can optimize your workflows and eliminate unnecessary manual labor.

Real quantified benefits (3-Year)


ROI in 1.2 months


Increase in lead volume


Increase in lead conversion

Key benefits and features

Salesforce® Sales Cloud empowers your team to grow your company


Increase lead conversion

Increase the impact of your marketing arsenal – email, social, marketing automation, advertising — by integrating them with a CRM platform — so you can convert prospects into customers faster.


Deepen your customer relationships

Explore and capture your customers' challenges, engage them with relevancy, and scale your one-to-one relationships.


Grow your sales, faster

Improve your sales efficiency, boost the effectiveness of your team, increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities, uncover potential referral business, and reduce the time to close.


Boost your team's productivity

Free up your team from manual operations so they can spend more time talking to prospective customers and strengthening relationships with existing ones.


Offer superior customer service

Provide your entire team with immediate access to a customer’s complete history, so they can quickly and easily provide personalized messages and solutions, which build trust.


Increase customer retention

Proactively address at-risk accounts and present new opportunities to satisfied customers with perfect timing.

Additional features and benefits

Account management

Gain total visibility into your customers, includ0ing key contacts, communications with the customer, internal discussions around the account and all activity history. Monitor the customer’s activity on most popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube — right from within your CRM.

Opportunity management

Stay on top of everything associated with your team’s deals — which stage they’re in, which products are being negotiated, competitors, quotes and more. Keep track of all the interactions, people and information needed to close the sale.

Lead management

Monitor your leads from initial click to close. Optimize your marketing and sales campaigns across all channels. Leverage lead data to deploy your marketing dollars intelligently.

External data enrichment

Integrate your preferred prospecting data sources like ZoomInfo or Uplead. Identify key decision-makers faster. Quickly define and map your territories. Enhance your team's productivity with fresh data.


Interact with your customers with a single click leveraging personalized email campaigns elaborated by your marketing team. You'll be able to track how prospects are engaging with your messaging and take advantage of real-time alerts to connect when your prospects are most ready to engage.

Business workflow

Use Visual Workflow to rapidly design and automate any business process with drag-and-drop simplicity. And drive success with flexible approvals processes for deal discounts, expenses, and more.

Console views

Customize your CRM to the exact workflow of your sales team and enable them to work more intelligently and more rapidly. Give them a single view that includes intelligence, information and contact information to accelerate execution.


The Salesforce1 Mobile App turns your salespeople's cell phones and iPads into portable sales central. They can log calls and activities, communicate with leads, work on opportunities, or verify reports no matter where they are.

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