Marketing Personalization and Automation

Bring your prospects and customers closer with digital, always-on marketing processes using Salesforce® Marketing Cloud

Engage your customers with the right message, with perfect timing using personalized marketing automation

Here are some benefits of effectively implementing Salesforce® Marketing Cloud

Multi-Channel Journeys

Build 1-to-1 customer journeys across all channels and departments.

Personalized Email Campaigns

Build and send personalized email campaigns to your prospects and customers at various stages of their journey.

Customer Visibility

Aggregate, slice-and-dice, break down, analyze, and act upon all your customer data and interactions.

Mobile Messaging

Send your customers personalized mobile interactions including SMS, push notifications, and chat messaging.

Social Listening and Messaging

Listen, publish, and engage with your customers across social media channels.


Turn your advertising into 1-to-1 targeted campaigns using your CRM data to acquire and re-engage customers.

Marketing Personalization & Automation reimagined to accelerate your growth and deepen your relationships


What we can help you achieve

Sales Cycle Acceleration

Our approach to Marketing Personalization & Automation allows you to implement the best practices throughout your processes to (a) get to know your customers quickly through their interactions with your team and your content, (b) adapt quickly and keep your marketing aligned to marketplace reality, (c) create the perfect balance of humanized vs automated and self-serve touchpoints, and (d) optimize the impact you have on every communication and connection channel.

Know your customers

  • Record specific website visits
  • Capture information requests
  • Capture interactions and activities
  • Design discrete customer profiles

Adapt quickly

  • Make rapid changes to customer journey touch points
  • Add new communication channels as you grow
  • Shift the content you serve as your market evolves

Balance touchpoints

  • Incorporate human-powered chat
  • Send automated emails and SMS
  • Customize advertising based on interactions
  • Prompt phone calls based on actions

Optimize your impact

  • Centralize your marketing data to analyze impact
  • Leverage AI insights to capitalize on what’s working
  • Tap into data to course-correct your campaigns
  • Tie revenue to marketing with reporting

Real Quantified Benefits


ROI in 16 weeks


Decrease in time running reports


Increase in lead generation/advertising $

Key Benefits and Features

Salesforce® Marketing Cloud centralizes and empowers your lead generation


Journey Builder

Craft and deliver personalized interactions across channels at every step of the customer lifecycle.

Email Studio

Communicate with your prospects and customers with this powerful email marketing platform. Leverage data from sales, marketing and customer service to design smarter messages.

Customer Data Management

Unify all your data — from anywhere — for a complete view of your customers, segment your audience and leverage all that information to personalize interactions.

Mobile and Social Marketing

Listen to conversations on social media, engage your customer community and push personalized mobile messaging on demand.

Advertising Studio

Harness your customer data to drive your Google, Facebook, and display advertising at scale to generate more leads.

Interaction Studio

Make all customer interactions 100% relevant leveraging Salesforce's real-time personalization and interaction management solution.