Xceede Solutions Partners with ComplianceSeal To Offer Security Solutions

by Sanjiv Teelock

WASHINGTON, July 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Xceede Solutions, a technology solutions provider, announces its new Security, Governance, Risk and Compliance (SGRC) solution for companies and government agencies to secure their data and enhance the trust of their customers and stakeholders.

Today, companies and government agencies are relying on their CRM and associated technology platforms to store sensitive customer, employee, partner, and vendor information which often includes personal, financial, and HIPPA related information. They cannot afford any security breaches, especially in heavily regulated industries where fines and negative press leads to severe financial penalties and customer loss.

With an ever-evolving business and technology landscape, internal audit and risk management departments responsible for SGRC often fall behind when trying to keep up with all the various system changes and lack appropriate tools to proactively monitor their CRM environments.

Xceede Solutions has partnered with ComplianceSeal to offer its clients a comprehensive SGRC solution using its software which provides for a single source of truth to actively monitor, audit, alert and enforce company and security policies.

“At its core, ComplianceSeal is a command center to address Application Security, Risk, Governance, Compliance and Audit issues. We are excited to partner with Xceede Solutions to assist customers in implementing application level SGRC solutions,” said Kalyan Lanka, Founder & CEO of ComplianceSeal.

“ComplianceSeal is a proven solution that has been deployed in the financial services industry for a large banking institution with over 25 production instances on their CRM. We are excited to bring this level of innovation to our clients that operate in a complex environment, often with multiple instances of their CRM and regulatory constraints,” said Sanjiv Teelock, CEO of Xceede Solutions.

For more information or to schedule a demo of the application, click here.

Additional Information:

ComplianceSeal, LLC provides software that allows organizations to manage and monitor Security, Compliance, Governance, and Risk across industries including Financial, Healthcare, Government and Retail.

Xceede Solutions is a registered consulting partner of Salesforce that provides innovative solutions to transform companies and nonprofits to achieve sustainable growth and streamlined operations with embedded industry best practices, thought leadership, and technology. We offer Advisory Services, Apps built on the Salesforce Platform, and Analytics Services.

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